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This is a discussion on Fact/Fiction Reality/Dream within the Anxiety forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; The work day is over and alas most would say YAY! I say YAY, just not with as much enthusiasm ...

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Default Fact/Fiction Reality/Dream

The work day is over and alas most would say YAY! I say YAY, just not with as much enthusiasm as someone without issues may. It is not a lack of happy work is over, my home office is my bedroom and the clients I deal with all day from all over the world, have no idea I am suffering in the least.

What is fact and what is fiction. I read a book once, the name escapes me..it was over ten years ago. During my first introduction to anxiety and then agoraphobia, I read quite a bit. So I was given this book and read it, the whole time thinking it was a true story, until I read the last two pages from the writer. Oh yes I remember it now. They made a movie about it. The Celstine something or other about ancient manuscripts and them being found and a professor and such. Very good book but I though it was non fiction but it was not. Life can be the same when you have issues like I do...like some of you do.

Being able to tell the difference is hard at times. I do not mean that a times I think I am Batman or Bruce Wayne (would be cool though) but symptoms...are they real issues or just the anxiety.

Am I having a heart attack or is my chest tight from anxiety? Another person may say is my throat swelling closes or is it anxiety? Tingles thru the body or hands, feet, face or leg...light headed...is something wrong or is it anxiety? I would give more examples but instead I will enlist brevity.

So we come to terms with this and try not to worry...then the next phase is...what if I think its anxiety but it really it's not and something is truly wrong in a medical sense? You can go on and on. It become taxing and tiring, and if you suffer from any of this, you know what I am talking about. And those who are sitting here reading thinking....what the hell is he talking about? Consider yourself lucky.

Once when I was 12 I saved all the proof of purchase symbols and sent them in for the free duke action figure from GI joe and it never came. Also, when the atari 2600 was out (yes 40 is old) if you got 10000 points on an activision game like chopper command, pitfall and such you had to take a pic of your tv and send it in and get a free army type patch..I did that and it never came. This has NOTHING at all to do with my post..but I am random it is just came in my head....back to my post now.....

So what is the best way of dealing with this. You can buy blood pressure checkers which I have. And if you feel like you cant get air and such they sell pusle ox meters at walmart for like 25.00. So I have that as well. Usually use it for working out and such but its nice if you are having anxiety and think you are not getting enough air, you can put it on and see your pulse and oxygen levels. It helps. When you view the COMPLETE list of anxiety symptoms it is AMAZING...it could make you think so many things are wrong. Please understand, I am not the type to think I have this and that wrong with me (I have friends who suffer from that and feel for them), but its hard sometimes to define fact and fiction within your own body. Many people are anxious about 2012. Remember the thundar the barbarian cartoon (if you didnt have to wait til saturday mornings to see cartoons then more than likely you are too young to remember this cartoon) it starts it....it was the year 1994 and a tidal wave and things from outer space destroyed earth and a new civilization was built...when I was a kid we were all scared of 1994 LOL. I was just getting out of the marines in 94...I was 22 going on 23 and survived lol. I just yawned and felt tired for a moment. I want to goto gamestop...we just got an xbox 360. I was allowed 1 free game so being a former recon marine who saw loads of combat can you guess what I picked?????? NO NOT CALL OF DUTY lol I picked sonic the hedgehog. I am the man who bought heathcliff the fast and the furriest racing for the Wii lol. I played one of those call of duty games once and sucked so bad...and I did that shit for real...same with guitar hero...I played since I was 9 and suck at the video game somehow. Life is a trip
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have you tried meditation for anxiety , it's liberating and it brings you down to earth and clears your mind
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