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This is a discussion on Dorm Elevator within the Anxiety forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; In my dorm, we have an old elevator. We can only use if we have an injury or disability that ...

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Default Dorm Elevator

In my dorm, we have an old elevator. We can only use if we have an injury or disability that results in not being able to use the stairs or if we have alot of laundry (we have a mini laundromat in the basement.)

I normally don't get my laundry done unless I really need to. As a result, I have a very heavy load resulting in two baskets of laundry but can only get one at a time up the stairs. I don't like leaving stuff unattended (even a basket of laundry), so I'm stuck using the old elevator. I always put a box holding St. Christopher medal (a gift I got for my brother's birthday) in my pocket when I take that elevator.

When I'm on that elevator, I am clutching the cross and St. Jude medal around my neck with one hand and my other hand is ontop of the pocket that holds the St. Christopher medal. I'm always so nervous that the elevator is going to stop of crash to the ground.

Ok, meaning of the story; how can I ride that elevator without being so anxious?
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1st - did you notice all the ads for religious jewelry on this thread? :lol:

2nd - sometimes fear is rational to protect us from danger. if it's an old shaky elevator, i don't see it as irrational to be afraid to use it.

i would probably try to make it more of a priority to get laundry done more often and use the stairs. its probably a time crunch thing, right? maybe you can bring a book & study or do your reading while your laundry is going? (tho i'm probably not telling you anything u didn't think of yourself :oops: )

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