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Avoidant Personality Disorder

This is a discussion on Avoidant Personality Disorder within the Anxiety forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; oh and different plant shyness IS NOT a mental disorder its a behavour pattern pandoraPanda x...

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oh and different plant shyness IS NOT a mental disorder its a behavour pattern

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Wow i never knew about this...but i must say that i'm almost certain i have this too... jebus...the list is getting long....sever depression, anxiety, depersonalisation disorder, avoidant personality disorder...what else is there? I'm just one big bag of fucked up-ness. :(
I'm scared to get close, I hate being alone... I long for that feeling to not feel at all...
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As i said, according to the internet i have loads of things wrong with me.
Symptoms of anxieties, depression, things like that are very similar.
Apparently i have melancholic depression, GAD, dependant personality disorder, other personality disorders, apparently im anorexic aswell.
I posted a thread about the martyr complex because the internet told me i had signs of it and i was so worked up about it because of things i read up on it.

If it concerns you that much then see a doctor for a REAL diagnosis, i drove myself freaking insane because i thought i had so much stuff wrong with me and i dont. I should know if im anorexic.... yea im very slim but im freaking 5ft....
but yea i often feel very sad and i often feel anxious but minus attacks now, but it doesnt mean i have major depression or GAD, i often feel happy on second and down the next, it doesnt mean im bipolar, I dont like large groups of people, and yea i struggle in certain social situations, but i dont have social anxiety...

Dont self diagnose, you could end up doing more bad than good


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Originally Posted by italmelb View Post
Hello All

I would like to share my experience with Avoidant personality and hopefully get some advice/comments from people on here

Up until a year ago my avoidant personality would cause me a fair bit of discomfort, anxiety and unpleasantness as I used to think about future situation which I wanted to avoid and start worrying about them far in advance.

I then started to take 20 mg lexapro tablets and after a year things have somewhat improved. I am still avoidant in many ways, but it's my response to it that has changed since I no longer care, stress or get anxious about it and let things go by.

I am still highly unemotional except towards cats and dogs which I love dearly, but I really don't care much about people

I feel that most people put up an act most of the time; they are slaves of social norms and expectations

Some examples of that:
-people staying in loveless marriages
-putting up with unpleasant members of their family rather than cut off all relations
-meet so called friends/acquaintances for coffee even though you despise them because you are unable to put an end to that friendship

I don't put up with things that I don't like for the most part. I might not have the most exciting social life but at least I am at peace with myself most of the time and stress free.

I travel a lot around the world, I have a secure job, a couple of friends I see on the odd occasion for lunch, my family lives in another country on the other side of the world (thank goodness!) I do have some relatives here in the city where I live and although I don't see them much I would very much prefer if I didn't have any.

What do you think?
Right there with you. It's too easy to get pulled in, so I make a point to stay out of the game. It's important to know who to keep at what distance, and I err strongly on the side of caution. Further, this is about as much online presence as I have. I'm also able to hold secure jobs and stick out whatever seems necessary.

As such, I can offer no advice, or even see what kind of advice you'd be seeking. Try not to become bitter and self-absorbed along the way? Another fear is that we end up avoiding the best people along with the others.

Very nice on the animals. I'm not as alone as I'd like to be, and would fear neglecting any pets with things as they are.
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Can this be cured?

People with avoidant personality disorder can't stop thinking about their own shortcomings. They form relationships with other people only if they believe they will not be rejected. Loss and rejection are so painful that these people will choose to be lonely rather than risk trying to connect with others.
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Don't call yourself or your friends a looser or an idiot for a start.Be more accepting to others and you will accept yourself more.When you start accepting yourself that's when you start to change.I started to feel better when I said to hell with everything I am tired. I'm an Idiot so what If I am going to blush in the front of the people and look like an idiot,I stopped caring,not lying to myself but really not caring.As I see now when I look back I haven't been so self conscious anymore.Sure i get anxious sometime but it doesn't make me nuts anymore it passes relatively fast.
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I think it doesn't really matter what you have, from a diagnostic perspective. I think it matters that the psychiatrist or therapist treating you understands YOUR personality and what needs to be done to break down whatever behavioural patterns that create your problems with functioning in society. I don't think the specific names for each individual thing wrong with a person really help, unless the words suggest something directly biological that has a treatment directly for its source. A guy like me could take pills that drop my inhibitive nature and that might be ALL I would need to get out into the world. Some people need a little more. Yet all of us within that group are classified as avoidant or as having social anxiety; that doesn't make sense. I think it's really a case by case basis, and I can imagine that it's fairly often that the words are only there for the sake of the doctor showing his education on paper.

But what do I know? I'm just trying to say, take all these diagnostic terms with a grain of salt. See what methods the doctor is using, and try to understand if they're the right course of action for your problems, and if you don't have a doctor, evaluate yourself FOR yourself. Don't try to get muddled in with all the words and what they all specifically mean, because they can and might actually trick you into thinking you have symptoms that you don't.

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I have borderline personality disorder, and I uderstand much of you wrote. Personality disorders are hard ones = deep inside you. Hug from me, dont reject
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I suffer from social anxiety and avoidant personality disorder. I went to a psychiatrist he just put me on drugs that killed my penis and did nothing. He fucking wasted my time that piece of garbage. Now Im quitting porn and masturbation in the hope it gets rid of social anxiety
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I think I might have that as well. I have been avoidant of people lately. (I feel like I'm going nuts due to what I had to put up with) I'm doing what I can to maintain my friendships.
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