Anyone else experience these issues?
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Anyone else experience these issues?

This is a discussion on Anyone else experience these issues? within the Anxiety forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; Just recently I had a panic attack while driving and I couldn't pull over. It was awful, but not something ...

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Default Anyone else experience these issues?

Just recently I had a panic attack while driving and I couldn't pull over.

It was awful, but not something I'm not accustomed to.

About 5 minutes before it started a firetruck and ambulance flew by me. So during the onset of the attack I just kept repeatedly hearing the sirens, causing the hysteria to heighten. I just felt like I was totally losing control. And, how I put it, crazy. It's the first time something like this has ever happened.

Another thing I've recently been dealing with is this weird obsession with characters in a series I just read (The Hunger Games). I've never felt so deeply connected to another set of characters in my life. I don't know if it's just because I can identify with the female character Katniss and how she handles life or how she desperately needs Peeta, whose behavior reminds me of a close friend that tragically passed.

Anyway, I reread the books in a period of 3 days THEN I moved onto fan fiction. I literally can't pull my head out of the clouds or something. 80% of my thoughts surround the characters--mostly about how everything goes in the end for them. And then I find myself longing to escape in that world because it's simple (this is something I feel after many books that I read).

I'm just wondering if extreme stress and anxiety causes these behaviors and if anyone else has experienced them.
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Yes, I've been in traffic just after an accident up the road and been stuck there. I've had full blown panic attacks while stuck in traffic. It was awful. I had one once when the A/C went out in my vehicle in the middle of the summer in Phoenix, AZ which made it even more lovely. Nothing like panic attacks in 116 degree weather.

Anyways, I keep a bottle of water handy to fight off the inevitable cottonmouth I get when I'm panicky. Listen to the radio, anything to keep yourself centered. Talk to yourself and keep yourself calm. Call someone if you have to. Panic only lasts for 10 minutes tops so realize that you aren't in any real danger. Find the next exit and get out and walk around your car a few times. Take a deep breath and realize you'll be fine.

As for being obsessed with fictional characters, I can't offer much there. :)

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Panic attacks are the worst! While in the midst of them, you really do feel like you are going to die. I have struggled with panic disorder most of my adult life. What seems to help me the most is to deep breathe because when in a state of impending panic we tend to shallow breathe which makes us lose too much CO2, thus making the situation worse. Take a deep breath and hold it for 5 seconds, then let it out slowly... repeat, until you start to feel better.

Avid readers tend to have very good imaginations, which I am guessing you have. A really good writer can draw you into a story so much that it DOES feel like you are there... nothing wrong with that, as long as you can come back to the real world too.
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