Anybody know wats wrong with me?
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Anybody know wats wrong with me?

This is a discussion on Anybody know wats wrong with me? within the Anxiety forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; Still new here. I was wondering, does anybody know what its called when you feel trapped or caged, and it ...

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Default Anybody know wats wrong with me?

Still new here. I was wondering, does anybody know what its called when you feel trapped or caged, and it gives them these nervous breakdowns or throws them into fits of anxiety? I dunno if its natural, but is it fixable? Does talking about it help, or anything else? Just wondering.

I mean, lately ive been so panicky, and i get anxiety shocks over the littlest of things. I just wanna be out of everything, so i kinda tune out, ignoring my parents and just trying to finish everything i have to do. Just feel extremely trapped in everything, including the things i love. Like, i love my horses, i love writing, and i love my friends, but whenever i feel like i have to do something like e-mail my friends, call the horse boarder, or write a chapter, i get all sick and overloaded, then i panic. Even my family and school work. Maybe its stress, but ive never had any problems with stress in my life, so i dunno wat its like.

I recently moved to Mexico, so i have a thousand e-mails to answer from all my friends, i still need to send my best friend a b-day present, i need to call my horse-boarder at least once a week to check on my babies, i have to keep studying [which takes a really long time], takiing breaks to eat and walk the dogs, keeping up with my photography hobby, writing and rewriting, come up with a cleaner plot, draw, try to take up painting again, do chores, quiet time, mess around on the computer to try and calm myself down, and to top it all off, im trying to make friends and the only people i know down here are the people i never want to see again. Recently its all been getting to me, i cant keep concentrated, and when i try to remember everything i need to do, i freeze up and panic/go into anxiety pangs. Depressions been bothering me a lot too. At first i just thought it was just me missing my babies, the snow, my home and friends, but its been persisting. Ive never delt with any sort of stress before either, so i dunno how to help it other than praying. But sometimes i feel obligated or trapped to do that too, even though it really helpts me.

I dont talk to anybody about these things at all, i dont tell even my best friends a lot of things. As much as i love them, its so hard keeping up with supporting them back when theyre going through problems like depression too. I feel guilty talking to them bout my problems, cause thats all i seem to do. It makes me feel like a failure as a friend. And when i snap and get upset with my family, i feel like a failure as a kid and Christian.

None of my problems are major, or from major problems, i just feel so constricted i want to scream 247 and then i go into fits of depression. Usually im a reallly happy person, so its pretty unnatural.
Food is kinda harsh too. I dont want to go into an unhealthy eating spurts, but its really hard to regulate it evenly. I've been eating tons of food until im really unhealthily stuffed for a day or so, then i stop eating and excersize, going out and exploring or going on walks. I didnt notice it for a long time, but its a bit more pronounced now. I have a few more different problems, but i dont really feel like talking about them. Are they all related or am i just panicking with all this change and stuff? Id really like some advice if u got time.
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Hey Maiah, its Kat.

I know exactly how you feel. Little things such as trying to write fanfiction, the computer not working, and getting things done just the way I want them, affect me severely. I think that it involves a hugh level of stress.
It makes you feel as if the end of the world is near, when in reality nothing is happening.

I'm still searching for that thing that relaxes and calms me, and maybe you should too.

You could try meditation, deep breathing exercises, and of course, chatting on here to express your feelings. It brings a lot of peace of mind to know that someone feels the same way you do. No one is completely alone in the way that they feel. There is ALWAYS someone else.
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um, I don't know. it sounds like you have a lot going on. do you ever write a list of what you need to do? i get all stressed out & bogged down with a preschooler & keeping up the house, sometimes a list helps me focus and not feel bombarded. you could try splitting the list up into sections: Have To Do Today, Do Tomorrow, Want To Do sections, for example. Then check it off when it gets done. It might also help you see what is really important and what is just driving you crazy. I don't know, just an idea. it might also help to set a time limit for each thing, and make sure you get time to do things that make you feel happy, even if it's just laying down & vegging out doing nothing at all.
hope this gives you some workable ideas. i know you will be in mexico for 6 months, you said? then u go back home? 6 months isn't forever, hang in there.

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You sound a lot like me. I'm actually dealing with those same problems (figuring out how to control everything and not blow up) so I don't know how much advice I can really give, but maybe I can help you feel like you're not alone :)

Between classes, studying, piano/voice lessons which take up 3/4 hours of practicing a day, work, animal shelter help, opera rehearsals, accompanying people... you get the point... I feel completely overwhelmed. This is my first year in college and I'm still just barely trying to adjust to everything. By the end of the week, I'm absolutely exhausted, and I have little energy to do anything. You might be able to relate to this too--when I am exhausted and just hanging around, I feel guilty about it. Like I should be doing something productive. That's actually why I come on here--it helps me relax but I feel like I"m doing something at the same time. I cannot relax....

I also know how you feel about not wanting to talk to your friends about your anxiety. Although I'm close to my friends, I do not get to see them much anymore, and I don't want to be negative and tell them all my problems on the rare occassions that I do see them. However, it might be good for you to get some of your feelings out to people that you do know. What about your family?

What I've done throughout my life since I was like 13 is write scedules for myself. I will make a list of what I need to do each day, and schedule it into every hour of the day. I even schedule "relaxation" time. I of course don't always follow the schedule religiously, but it usually helps me. I don't have to panic and worry about things; it's already planned out.

Stretching helps me. I really would love to get into yoga... but I don't have the time. I don't know what you're into or anything, but since I realize that you are stressed, I would recommend doing something where you can just drain your mind completely.

Hope this helps in some way!
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