Anxiety/Depression at Work
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Anxiety/Depression at Work

This is a discussion on Anxiety/Depression at Work within the Anxiety forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; So, I'm starting a new job. Had my first (3 hour) shift last night. I'll be stocking shelves, after the ...

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Default Anxiety/Depression at Work

So, I'm starting a new job. Had my first (3 hour) shift last night. I'll be stocking shelves, after the store is closed, from midnight till 3am. It's casual, so not every night - don't even know right now how many hours they'll have me doing.

But, even though it's menial simple work, I still am freaked about the next shift. And when I was in there last night, I was still having to do some serious praying.

It was like my massive anxiety/depression cloud had come down again, blinding me to help, to the ease. Suffocating me with fear. Choking me up so that I can only ...

Does anyone know what I mean? Does anyone feel the same way? Does anyone know of a way to deal with this?
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Yes - i do know what you mean. I THINK. can you go to the doctor and tell him how you feel and he might be able to prescribe something for you.


ARE YOU WORKING ALONE OR ARE OTHERS AROUND. i think the more you do of it the easier it will be to cope with altho its helll to start with.

I HOPE YOU CAN GET SOME HELP FROM THIS. as you say menial simplework shouldnt make you feel like this - -BUT I DO KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL.

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Listening to music while at work helps for me. If you can, you should bring an ipod or something to listen to while you work.
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Even if I had a low stress job with minimal contact with people, I would still be nervous and sick feeling because of the simple fact that I am working. Just the fact that I am doing something for someone else, someone who has the power to fire me or critique me or anything, makes me sick.

Right now, I am having trouble controlling my anxiety using past methods. I used to just say over and over in my head that everything was fine, and sometimes I would calm down and be ok.
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its funny, i have to spend all day long speaking to people and selling stuff and every morning i want to vomit out of sheer fear and terror at leaving the house and having to deal with the world.
the only reason i do get out is that i have no choice, if i dont work, i dont pay my bills and then it would get seriously bad.
people make me feel sick and frightened, i have to resist the urge to lock myself in the toilet at least 4 times a day.
i just put on a happy face and get on with it.
sadly i probably have no good advice, ive been having to fake it for so long now, its become like a second nature to put another face on.
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I have a very stressful job with colleagues and administration constantly on my case all the time, so the only way I learned how to bear with it is to grit my teeth and think that I'm getting a paycheck at the end of the week. I'm constantly depress, annoyed and pissed off during work. Right after work, I get home, take a long bath and sleep - the only way I could de-stress (or else I'll be drinking).
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O was 16.. got a job. Couldn't comprehend the work well because I was anxious. I got "let go" (fired) after 4 days for doing such a slow job.
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like vicious I find music helps. I've been working at the same place for over two years and every time I have to go to work I still feel really sick and anxious. The music changes depending on how i feel. Recently it's been 'Teardrop' by massive attack, really slows my heart rate and chills me out. Hopefully you can find something that makes you feel at ease.
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I've had anxiety attacks at work. Thing is, I'm a cameraman for a shopping channel, so running to the toilets and puking my guts out isn't really an option when I'm operating a live camera. I've learnt to control it, no one on camera with me would ever guess that I wanted to scream, cry, vomit and punch the wall while I stood there with a smile on my face. But am I controlling it or just bottling it?

Deep breaths man. Preferably deep breaths involving nicotine. That's what gets me though the bad days.
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The anxiety for me is worse first thing in the morning when I waken up, which is usually long before I am due to get up. I toss and I turn and ruminate about bad things that have happened and catastrophise about bad things that I feel sure are going to happen. It is a battle of wills each morning as to whether or not I get out of bed, but eventually i always do.

I have been back at work now for about 10 months, but because of this difficulty with anxiety / depression in the mornings I only work 5 hours per day starting in the afternoons. This gives time for the Effexor to work.

Does anyone else find that their anxiety / depression is at it's worst early in the day?
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