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Treatment resistant???

This is a discussion on Treatment resistant??? within the Alternative Treatment forums, part of the Treatment category; I am seeing a new therapist because my old therapist said he can no longer treat me, he did not ...

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Default Treatment resistant???

I am seeing a new therapist because my old therapist said he can no longer treat me, he did not think he was helping anymore. So I have a new therapist now and so far there is no improvement. I went back on medication in December of last year and every medication they gave me since then, I have not responded to. I gave each of them roughly 4 weeks, but did not continue them because they either made me worse, the side effects were too much, and on top of it none of them helped. I was hospitalized back in February, and they changed both my meds at the same time and that did nothing as well. I am really starting to think that no medication will work for me, and my brain is taking all the hits every time they raise or lower the dose, or they change the meds. I am at the point where I do not even feel like trying any new medications. Maybe going off them and trying some alternative treatments. I am seeing my therapist twice a week and still on medication, so I may continue to try different meds, but I don't really know what to do. I am going to try though.
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I completely relate to your post because I too gave up on medication and therapy. I'm not saying you should, I'm just saying I've tried nearly 10 different antidepressants and none of them made one ounce of a difference. I have been off of them for a couple years now. Same shit with therapy. First of all I'm someone who has a super difficult time talking to strangers about my problems and I have a hard time opening up. Even when I do make progress opening up my therapist always gets a promotion and leaves the facility and doesn't even tell me they are leaving, that's how much they care. Fuck them. I'm sure all they care about is making money off someones pain anyway but again, I'm not telling you that you should not do medication and therapy. Maybe it will work for you because there are times when I hear people say medication and therapy has helped them. Maybe it's just not for me but good luck.
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@Lojo=therapy is not always working for every one..i cannot truly relate on this issue because i never had or needed a therapist...that does not mean i do not know about it because i have lots of friends who are in therapy or underwent therapy...everybody tells me a different story,some say..therapy shows me my inside worries,anger,anxiety and others say..i am just turning around in circles...same with medication=prozac,wellbutrine,haldol,xanax,antidep ressiva etc...did you try St.Johns worth?Valeriana,Passiflora?just a real deeper kind of depression you have to believe in yourself that something is going to HELP you out,otherwise you just turn around in circles...i can appreciate the posting of flame in least she's honest and does not believe in all that's often money matters=same for counsellors,group therapy,medications etc..the REAL cure lies very often whin ourselves...but 80% of people do not find a way to cure's our own weakness or failure maybe?
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Hi there. I understand what you are saying. I find that first it is so tough to find a great therapist. I finally found one. I know it is disheartening when one tells you they cannot help you any further. Medications are not for me either. Have you considered seeing an Integrative Psychiatrist as opposed to going western? Have you considered doing energy work with a therapist? My therapist does energy work and talk therapy from which I get to choose what I want. These are just some ideas. You may have already tried these or if not something perhaps to consider? HUGS
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