Taking st johns worts and 5-HTP
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Taking st johns worts and 5-HTP

This is a discussion on Taking st johns worts and 5-HTP within the Alternative Treatment forums, part of the Treatment category; Hi I am just wondering if it is safe to be taking these two at the same time for depression ...

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Default Taking st johns worts and 5-HTP

Hi I am just wondering if it is safe to be taking these two at the same time for depression like symptoms. Also what is a good dosage for both as well? Because I have seen mixed answers from all around and on the back of my bottle for st johns worts it says to take 3 capsules daily but each one is 1,500mg which seems to be alot considering that is 4,500mg a day and I see most people saying that about 900mg a day is best. I dont want to keep taking it as the bottle says if it is not safe but I do want to take however much to help me get better, so if someone could let me know.

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A pharmacist would probably be a good person to talk to about this. They usually know their stuff when it comes to dosage and mixing medications. That is their job after all...
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Hi AAAC, unfortunately i can't give you a good answer to quote me on as i'm no expert with these things.

I used to use st johns wort and it was 3 capsules a day I took myself. I also tried tinctures and drinking the stuff. Tasted a bit like dirty water though, but I do think it helped a bit though.

I once got a bit of good advice from 'Dreamer' who frequents this site. They seemed to have a good knowledge of herbal remedies.

Sorry can't help more.
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Default Ya

Well I am just wondering if that seems like it is just to high for the dosage also? Why if 900mg a day is what should be taken is it telling me 4,500mg a day?
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What is St. John's wort?

How can I be assured I will benefit from St. John's wort extract?

How does St. John's extract work?

How effective is St. John's wort?

Summary of Clinical Trials with St. John's wort Extract in Depression
Is there anyone who should not use St. John's wort extract?

Can St. John's wort extract be used with other antidepressant drugs?

What is your recommendation for tapering off the antidepressant drug?

How long should a patient stay on St. John's wort extract?

Does St. John's wort extract negatively affect sleep like other antidepressant agents?

How long does it take before its antidepressant effects are noted?

What should be done if someone does not respond to St. John's wort extract?

Is St. John's wort extract effective in seasonal affective disorder?

Are there any other indications for St. John's wort extract?

What is the best dosage schedule for St. John's wort?

The dosage of St. John's wort preparations are based upon the hypericin content. The overwhelming majority of the studies in depression have used the St. John's wort extract standardized to contain 0.3% hypericin at a dosage of 300 mg three times daily.

and more at:

Review of a book about 5-HTP:


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will it help w/ anxiety?
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Default Re: Taking st johns worts and 5-HTP

St. John's Wort, from what I've read (I'm no doctor, so take with a grain of salt), acts on the body and mind in much the same way a standard antidepressant would, however the research is not as conclusive, as there haven't been any large-scale trials like they have at big pharmacorps. Having said that, as with normal antideps, St. John's Wort can cause a manic attack for anyone who suffers from Bipolar Disorder.

So, if you are going to use it, advise your doctor. If you start feeling really, exceptionally good after a few months, mention it to your GP. Until my attack, I had never referred to myself as anything but "good" or "okay", but when I visited my doctor I told him I was "euphoric". He didn't clue in, but then he's not a specialist in everything, either. So, yes it's a "natural" medication, but it's still medication. Watch all symptoms and side-effects, even the good ones.

Hope I've helped, and hope it works for you!
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Just to add to this topic...
I just started St Johns Wort last week and although I have never been dignosed as been depressed (my doc crap) I felt I just needed something to pick my mood up...tired all the time...not in mood of doing anything...went to work came home died from tiredness....and thats been happening for three whole long years....anyway I started SJW last week as I said and Im just so sad to say that I have WASTED the last three years of my life been down and tired....

I also have started taking rhodiola rosea and Im feelin fine...im not euphoric by any means but I able to do my days work and come home and clean my house and ACTUALLY PLAY WITH MY CHILDREN....picking them up from school I used to just go home and get into bed and wake up half hour later and start dinner and homework etc...i always needed that half hour pick me up sleep ...but now I dont...I sleeping better at night...no more horrible nightmares waking me up during the night.... Im waking with alarm clock and not feeling sick at the thoughts of getting out of bed.....Its working for me...maybe its not for everyone...but its definately made me more happier....now im sure I will prop get some comments saying i will prob be addicted to them but i plan to wean myself off them after 4 weeks....reason!!!! im told that after 4 weeks you need to come down off the dosage....my dosage is 300mg three times a day.......0.30%hypercin....Im not going to come off them Im just going to take them twice a day and see how I get on.....Ive never been on any kind of anti-depressive tablets before so maybe thats why it working for me at the moment....

I have no side affects as yet...first night I took it I was awake for most of the night but next night I was compeltely fine....

Yes Im happy...my kids are happy they have their mammy back...oh I went into town today with them on bus......havent been to town for two years....we had a great time......im soooooo delighted to be able to take these....may the good feeling last......well at least throughout christmas anyway....

Oh can I add something here...Im not a regular drinker (once every year) lol....But i had some beer wednesday night (2 bottles) !!!!!!!!!!!! and I was very very tired the next day....read up on sjw and was told that alchohol reduces the effects of the tablets.....so a good excuse for me to give it up...( 2 bottles in 10 months Im sure I can live without it..lol )

I would be greatful for any input about your experience on SJW...

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WOWW!!! Sounds amazing, I've never tried it, so maybe I will, My Dr. has me on Paxil, Can't tell any difference! Good to know about the beer, because I've been known to drink more than 2!! I truly hope this keeps working for you. I'm gonna give it a try! So glad that your able to get out with your kids, Mine would love it if I could bring myself to do so, and they are teenagers!!
Keep on, Keepin On Peace Out
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Check whether you can take it if you have a blood pressure condition. I understand that if you have hypertension, St Johns Wort is out. There are even a number of articles linking St John's Wort to hypertension, suggesting that it can cause it.

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