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This is a discussion on Mindfulness within the Alternative Treatment forums, part of the Treatment category; Hey guys, Last time I went to my therapist, she recommended I try out a CD called "Mindfulness Skills: Volume ...

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Default Mindfulness

Hey guys,

Last time I went to my therapist, she recommended I try out a CD called "Mindfulness Skills: Volume 1" by Dr Russ Harris.

I went down to the university library and hired it out, put it on my iPod and it has been a life saver ever since.

It's an Australian CD by an Australian Psychologist, so I'm not sure of its availability in other countries, but I'm sure there is other works on the practice of mindfulness for wherever you're from.

Mindfulness is a type of meditation which helps you to experience what is happening at any given point in time and helps you identify and connect with the world around you. It helps me with being able to control my thoughts and observe the effect they have on me. I think being able to observe your own thought patterns is a great benefit when dealing with depression and anxiety, as it is these thoughts which influence how we react in certain situations.

I strongly recommend seeking out some form of mindfulness meditation CD, it just helped me calm down during a panic attack. The first thing I do now when I'm starting to panic is put this on and it really helps me focus and get things into perspective.

Not trying to advertise anything here, just sharing my experience with Mindfulness.

Cheers guys, hope you find what you're looking for.

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I definately second your opinion on mindfulness. It was first suggested to me a couple of months ago when i was in hospital. I have read up on it since and it kinda seems too simple and logical to work, but it does.
If you can learn to be present in the moment and control your thinking without worrying about the past or future it is such a true way to escape panic attacks.
There are some good CDs out there for sure.

All the best Rory
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hi - y'all I WENT ON A MINDFULNESS course for roughly 6 weks and got the bookby JOHN kabat Zinn- it does help if you practice the meditation everday yoo just gotta keep it up - and be mindful - and remember what you been taught -
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Mindfulness hasnt worked for me yet but I really want to keep trying it. My psych says that we will "reserve" this treatment for further down the track, because Im at a stage where its very difficult to make my mind go blank, horrible, panicky feelings and memories keep coming up.

I still think this technique is fantastic though, once you learn how to do it. I know a lot of people who it has worked for.
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