A life without suffering?
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A life without suffering?

This is a discussion on A life without suffering? within the Alternative Treatment forums, part of the Treatment category; Suffering is a part of life, but some people suffer more than others. Sometimes it can feel like too much ...

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Default A life without suffering?

Suffering is a part of life, but some people suffer more than others. Sometimes it can feel like too much and you just want to escape the pain. People sometimes ask themselves: Why do i have to suffer so much? Why me?
About 1 year ago I read a book which said that you can life a life without suffering, or just about. I think most people, when they hear this, would think 'nah, its impossible' and discard the idea without even considering it. But to me this is silly, what if you could live without suffering? Surely this is the kind of life everyone would want to live.
I am usually a sceptical person, but i was suffering from severe anxiety and depression and i needed to try something. So i gave it a chance, i listened to what the rest of the book had to say and i put some of the techniques into practice. After only a few weeks i began to notice a huge difference. My depression was pretty much gone (and even now it only comes on every now and then and it's not such a problem for me as the feelings don't last long). And my anxiety has reduced hugely.
What i like most about this is that the techniques are so simple. Therefore easy to remember and put in practice. Here is an extremely brief example:
1. Live life now. Not in the past or the future. Be aware of what is going on in the present moment. Be aware of your breathing, your footsteps, the movements of your hands, the various sounds and smells.
2. Understand that there is no good or bad, as a fact. Good and bad are simply opinions, nothing more. And these can change in a instance depending on your perspective. Try not to make unnecessary judgements. Or simply, try not to cling to your believes and opinions as if they are facts. "The rain is neither good or bad. It's your own view of it which causes you to feel annoyed at it."
Then you can see that "every snow flake, always falls in its appropriate place." and that every single moment in life is the best moment :)

After just over one year, iv'e gone from being suicidal to feeling so at peace that at almost any moment i can ask my self "do i feel happy right now" and always answer with "yes! :)"

The book i read which started this off for me is called 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle.
Please feel free to leave your opinions and ask any questions you like :)
"You yourself make the waves in your mind. If you leave your mind as it is, it will become calm"

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so"

"Sitting quietly, doing nothing. Spring comes and grass grows by itself"
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"THE POWER OF NOW" is a great read.It is great that a book alone could make a huge difference in your life.Calming ,Cooling & emptying the mind is the key in my opinion.
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