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This is a discussion on Hypnotism within the Alternative Treatment forums, part of the Treatment category; Angel: Richard and Leslie parted some time ago. I learned of it a month or so ago, and it broke ...

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Default A coffee shop on spaceship Earth


Richard and Leslie parted some time ago. I learned of it a month or so ago, and it broke my heart. You can learn more about it here, as Richard explains what happened. In it Bach says, I've remarried now, beginning a new adventure as Leslie begins hers, but I'll never forget that she's always been as much a soul mate to me as I've been to her--we've lived some powerful lessons together.

Yes, perhaps a lot of this thread has gone a bit off-topic. That's certainly true if the only reason we’re here for is to contemplate our demise or to hatch a clever scheme in order claw our way through another day.

For a moment—for a very lovely moment—I forgot about a lot of sadness and personal angst. I soared with the eagles! All because Aries asked about hypnotism as an alternative therapy, Dreamer mentioned Weiss and others, and Angel mentioned Bach, and What the Bleep (I own a copy).

And I imagined us all somewhere else in that moment. I saw each of us laughing and having a great time in a coffee shop in an alternate universe talking about the powerful books we've read, the awesome movies we've viewed, and the profoundly enlightened souls who've engaged our minds and populated our common experiences.

Is this a suicide prevention forum or a way station as we collect our wits? A rhetorical exercise embedded in the last question, to be sure. This much I do know for certain: I never expected to find any of you here.

And I'm glad that I have.

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I too love the Coffee house image. Being down on Bleeker Street at one of the old time cafes.......a guitar playing in the background, well we sit , talk , share and laugh.

I am so glad I found you , dreamer and the others here. I agree this is not just a way station as we contemplate our demise :-) No, it can be anything we make it.

I am not sure if the prayer forum is the place for this thread to continue.
If we come up with a name that has no religous conotations we can ask Admin to add another forum.

I am so glad I met you. I have been feeling a bit displaced :-)
It is good to run into kindred spirit even if it is in cyber space, however, what is/ are time and space anyway. Reading ACIM ( the course) is giving me much to ponder. I am going to get the Bleep DVD. Have you seen the secret.

Thank you for sharing the information concerning Richard Bach. I guess I did hold them up not as gurus, but as the couple that made it work........that went through adversity and were able to love. I am not sure about this whole soul mate, twin flame etc....thing.

The course talks about attachments as does Budhism, New Age writers etc.... the course talks about special relationships. I am giving that much thougth. I have been broken hearted about my own break up. I see so many of the kids on the site devastated when they lose their "special one". I am just thinking out loud about this whole subject. I guess there are no guarantees in this dream........all , we need is within. However, I loved reading about their relationship, there traveling to meet their future selves and potential selves.....I think that is from ONE.....

Anyway, again , an awakening as to the spirit of relationships. I do not know, it is one thing to have someone die and another to lose them to divorcee. Both have attachment elements however, for me one seems to be more painful. Again that is perception for I have spoken with a few friends who's husbands have died and they said it was hard, but it would have been harder to know they were alive and with another. Yet, if we truly love someone, we want their happiness and even if that means they are with someone else we "should' be happy for them. For 'we" want the highest and best for all concerned. Just some musings...........waxing and waning.......just some things on my mind.

Again, forgive the writing, with my illness I have lost some cognitive functioning. Much has come back........and I see myself whole and healed.

I am so glad we are all here.
Let's come up with a name for the new forum.
If we are supporting life.......this is a great way for those who find these topics of interest to increase our knowledge and joy.
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Default Maybe a new thread under Inspiration?

Hello All:

I own an IT business, and loading and managing these forum boards is a source of bread and butter (this model is a phpBB board, one on my personal favorites). Intuitive site navigation is something we IT wonks cherish. So, first I looked around at what's already here and found this note: https://www.takethislife.com/viewtopic.php?t=2107

Then I thought, well maybe a new thread in the Inspiration folder.

Ha! Ha! Ha! I don't know. Maybe if each of us started a separate thread on, say, Bach, What the Bleep, etc., under Inspiration with cross-links back to this thread, and criss-cross links throughout our various "Inspiration" posts we could get people thinking more broadly. We could create an "Indexing Post" in the Inspiration folder that acts as a table of contents, in other words, our coffee shop. That thread might be titled Java 4 Your Thoughts :: A Virtual Coffee Shop Away from Earth and Tough Life Lessons The author of that post could edit the original post, and add a blurb and links to individual threads as they develop to help create a logical loop to those threads created by us and others to tease out some of the different spiritual schools, and modes of thinking that tend to escape popular notice and that are helpful in lifting the fog of depression. By placing it in the Inspiration folder we provide a Red Flag to those who'd rather persue other healing modalities outside of the spiritual/New Age/religious/"I was the Queen of France in a past lifetime" frame set.

It's 11:11 pm here (a mystical number for some) so I'll close for now and sleep on it. I look forward to your suggetions, too.

Warm regards,

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I don't know how much I believe in hypnotism it doesn't seem like it would work on everybody
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There are two forums of hypnotism in my opinion: the kind that uses your minds weaknesses and exploits them through suggestion and the kind that uses forcecs beyond the physical relm. The art of suggestion is simple, if you believe you can be hypnotized chances are that you will be. That is why people who are secptical of it never have any effects if anyone attempts to hypnotize them... I personally have a very strong mental constitution due to the beating my mind has taken AND I dont believe it could work on me, therefore the power of suggestion has no power over me. HOWEVER! If I had a weaker mindset and was more open to the idea those cracks in my mental armor could be exploited by a hypnotist. Also the moving of the eyes back and forth simulates the movment of the eyes in REM sleep so your mind is more open to suggestion.
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