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This is a discussion on FOOD within the Alternative Treatment forums, part of the Treatment category; Originally Posted by dreamer i dont drink soda because im afraid of it, IT SCARES ME TOO! To me it's ...

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Originally Posted by dreamer
i dont drink soda because im afraid of it,
IT SCARES ME TOO! To me it's the root of ALL E V I L.


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omg, pete, did you know that regular consumption of soda can deplete the calcium in bones and teeth?? seriously, that shit is bad news. i could go off, for real.
the corn syrup and other sweeteners in the soda bomb the endocrine system which is responsible for maintaining homeostasis in the body....when people consume soda and other processed, super-sweetened foods regularly they are basically subjecting their endocrine systems to a result the various glands get worn out and confused before their time, and serious problems can result.....
a friend of mine had serious mental stuff going on, it was really bad for YEARS. now she's investigating adrenal problems, and finding that her symptoms may be correlated to malfunctioning adrenals.....ive been looking into thyroid stuff as well, thyroid problems can cause depression and anxiety....shit, wouldn't that be a miracle if modern science could trace mental illnesses down to diet-related endocrine disorders? ha!!!!
you know the evil really lies in the fact that there is some seriously big money pushing these crappy "foods" (i would hardly call them foods, they're more like poisons in disguise, and they're not even very well disguised) on us, on our kids, and its working!!! its really working!!!! poisoning millions of people every day, and its all in the name of FOOD. i swear this crap is worse than the drug cartel, shit, it IS the drug cartel.
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Default Re: FOOD


My name is Patsy and it's my first post here. When I read the first post by Dreamer, I felt that I could identify completely. I have never read another personal account that sounds so like me!

I love food and drink however, I am very sensitive to everything I put in my mouth. Sugar is a big no-no for me. Especially late at night, if I have chocolate, I'm depressed and can fly into a rage the next morning. It's what's known as a sugar hangover...

Alcohol, my other love, unfortunately also triggers bouts of depression, often for days. I can handle perhaps a glass or two of wine, but any more than that... well.

Junk food, not that I have much of it, also results in feeling down.

As soon as I eat something, ANYTHING - I can pretty much feel in it my brain. Sugar produces a great high, but somehow feels dirty or fake. I love it though. Caffeine is also a buzz of course, but has a similar effect. Tuna salad results in a surge of clean energy, straight to my brain.

I go through phases of being totally healthy, doing detoxes and such, avoiding all the bad stuff e.g. sugar, dairy, alcohol, caffeine. I feel great, on top of the world.

But then I seem to 'tire' of being good, not being able to eat and drink stuff I like and a little 'devil voice' starts up. 'Go on, have a cup of coffee, it'll cheer you up and give you a boost'. Then that cup of coffee turns into a daily addiction.

Same with chocolate, a couple of chunks soon lapse into stashing monster bars in my office drawer. It beckons to me all day.

I have tried antidepressants - with disastrous effects. Plus I could 'feel' the chemicals in my body and felt terrible. I could feel them sweating out of my body. Same with the contraceptive pill, I had to come off that because I felt really weird because of the chemicals.

I like to travel and go on holiday, experiencing the local food and culture. Let my hair down a bit. Live a little. Eat and drink like 'normal' people.

However, holidays and weekends away always result in crashing depression, often while I'm still away and most definitely on my return, because of all the over indulgence.

This is going to sound really awful, because I know that there are people alot worse off than me. But sometimes I wonder what the point of it all is. If I'm going to have to live like this forever, watching everything I put in my mouth or paying the consequences, I feel kind of depressed about it.

Hope to connect with others here and share experiences and advice.

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Default Re: FOOD

hey patsy,
i'm reading an excellent book about food allergies right now called allergies: disease in disguise (how to heal your allergic condition permanently and naturally) by carolee bateson-koch dc nd. publisher: alive books.
this book is AWESOME. it offers a clear, detailed explanation of food allergy (which many people are suffering from in one form or another). your post describes a classic food allergy/addiction pattern. i have the same thing going on. many of the foods i REALLY love to eat are the ones i'm the most allergic to; when i eat them i send myself into a downward spiral of severe mood problems.
dr. bateson-koch's book is worth reading for anybody who suffers from these kinds of issues.
i'd love to chat more with you about this, & good luck with everything!
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Default Re: FOOD

Wow, that's amazing, Dreamer. Thanks for the tip! That is a real coincidence because my intuition has been telling me for years that I may have food allergies. I even asked for food allergy tests to be done - but the results were NEGATIVE. I also had tests done for celiac disease (allergy to gluten) - also NEGATIVE.

But, you're right, and my intuition is also right. There's definitely some kind of allergy thing going on. My body's certainly trying to tell me something....
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Default Re: FOOD

Food is a big thing for me. I'm a binge eater. After my Grandpa, Uncle and Aunt died two years ago, I gained until I was almost 200 lbs (on a 5'1" frame). I had struggled with binging and weight gain and body image since forever. Long story short, I've been on Atkins for over a year and am healthy again. (Not gonna toot the low-carb horn, but if anyone's curious, message me. ;) ) I hadn't binged in a long time, but now I am again. I don't eat foods I shouldn't (starchy/sugary), but even eating healthy foods, I eat way too much. Like a whole head of cabbage made into coleslaw, gone. Or the other night, I had soup, then leftovers, then a salad, like 3 meals in a row. I do have a sweet tooth, and that's the worst. I try to keep flax cookies in the house, because they're basically just fiber and eggs, so no harm, no foul. But I sometimes get on a sugar-free chocolate binge, and if you don't know, it has an ingredient that can build up and... uh... do bad stuff to your digestive system. :shock: So I sometimes have that problem, just because I can't stop eating it. My fave comfort foods are coleslaw, hot and spicy anything, and sweets. (Just to let you know how important food is to me, when I was dating, I'd pay attention to what my date ate, how he commented on what I ate, etc., and decide whether to have a second date. My now-husband fed me real German chocolate cheesecake on our first date. 'Nuff said.)
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