Electroconvulsive therapy for depression?
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Electroconvulsive therapy for depression?

This is a discussion on Electroconvulsive therapy for depression? within the Alternative Treatment forums, part of the Treatment category; Hey everyone. I'm a 21 year old female who has been suffering from major depressive disorder and PTSD. Symptoms started ...

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Default Electroconvulsive therapy for depression?

Hey everyone.
I'm a 21 year old female who has been suffering from major depressive disorder and PTSD. Symptoms started around 10 years old from an extremely traumatic event and continuous abuse by my sole parent. After going through my teens, I've found that becoming an adult has made my depression intensely worse. I've gone through several psychotherapists and psychiatrists and have been on various medications since I was 14, but I haven't found any relief. I was hospitalized late last year for a month, and met a few people there who were also severely depressed and were being treated with ECT (electroshock therapy). I know it has a stigma attached because of it's inhumane and almost torturous use in the past by doctors, but I've read a lot about it and am considering it as a last resort. If anyone knows anything about this treatment or has been treated with it themselves, I'd really appreciate any input or advice.
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I think it has to be your personal choice. Like anything it will be different for different people.

Personally I also looked into it but decided that it was a bit too far for me, however if you have researched it a good bit and are still up for it then discuss it over with your doctors.
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Ultimately the decision is up to you. I've had 3-4 electric shock treatments about 12 years ago. I was in the hospital as an "in patient" at the time, and was suicidal, so my doctor recommended electric shock.

To me, it's a rather draconian method of treatment.

All I will say is what happened from my experience. My short term memory was blasted into oblivion, and my brain felt like it was fried. I was completely numb for a long time.

Personally, there is no way I would ever do it again. The headaches that I had after the treatments were worse than any migraine I have ever had, and that is really saying something.

I'm not trying to scare you or anyone away from electric shock treatments, just being honest, and sharing my experience with it. Everybody is different, and maybe it works for some people, didn't work for me.
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I have had treatment with electroconvulsive shock therapy and have found it to be very helpful as my anti-depressants were not eliminating the depressive symptoms I was having to the point I had to be hospitalized for a two week period of time during which time I received electroconvulsive shock therapy while I was still in the hospital.
It did bring me out of the depression that I was having. I have had to have a few more treatments as an outpatient and I have not have any episodes of depression to date.When you have electroconvulsive shock therapy you can have it as an inpatient or that on an outpatient basis.
It is something that you should not be afraid about having. The psychiatrist who carries this out has been trained in performing this procedure.

Place your trust in your psychiatrist who is recommending this to be carried out as he is looking out for your well being.
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I would definately consider ECT. I have met people who have benefited from it. If MAOI's don't work for me which is my doctors next stop I will definately consider it. Dr. Oz recently had a show on it effectiveness.
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