The core of it all.
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The core of it all.

This is a discussion on The core of it all. within the Alternative Treatment forums, part of the Treatment category; Hi, I've been suffering with depression for to long now and I went to doctors whom just told me to ...

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Default The core of it all.

Hi, I've been suffering with depression for to long now and I went to doctors whom just told me to take anti depressants and do a online theropy course!

I was astonished to think that no investigation as to the core of what was causeing my depression was carried out, they just wanted to treat my symptoms not the cause!

Anyway I have taken upon myself to dig hard for the reason why I have depression when others I know don't? See some dAys I feel so sad and the tears won't stop, I have had dark thoughts of death and just have many days of sitting unable to function at all it's almost like I am just a head, I've no use for my body it's a burden and I can't muster any feeling or inspiration. My hair falling out and clogging the sink everytime I was it didn't help things either.

My digging and research is paying off!!!
Well the last week I have had none of these symtoms!!!
I believe I have serotonin Deficiency, look it up on google!!! Anyway these are the things I've changed and I not sure if it's all these things or maybe one of them but all I know is that I feel life again and haven't cried and have actually been giggling!!

My changes-

Sulphur MSM powder, I'm taking 4grams a day with fruit juice in the mornings. This has alsorts of amazing benifits worth researching!

Fish Oil, great for brain functioning.

Flaxseed oil supppliments.

Homecooked chicken soup, I slow cook it so all the juices that turn into jelly collect, I add this into my soups!

Porridge- serintonin :o)

goji berries, a superfood please google! I put the berries in a glass of water before go to bed then in morning the berries have rehydrated and I drink the water they been strood in then I add the berries throughout the day to my meals.

COCOA KIBS!!!! These are the most awesome food pure chocolate untouched by the horrors they add to those choccy bars. I have two teaspoons of these a day I dip a banana onto em and that sweetens their taste, these beautys chill me out and have given me back a sense of humour, even considering havin a cocoa party! My sister gives her 3 year old a cocoa kib when she is getting stressed and verging on a tanturn and it diminishes the tanturn!

Mountain biking, any exercise but go out and feel the burn in ya muscles, this means ya circulation new oxegen in the all the parts of ya body, were made up of water so I found oxegenating gave me a energy boost and that I had infact been letting my self go stagnant. Check out the work of Masaro Emoto!

Ok people who have influenced my healing- David Wolfe for his unending knowledge in nutrition, David Wilcock for making me see the bigger picture and reminding me that the universe is apart of us all and that I'm not just apart of my living room :o) my family for excepting the ndless ammount of tears and just caring. Also to unconditional love, the gift of giving it's precious.

I hope this has helped with any research you've been doing or helps in anyway at all. Find the core of it, even if you feel it's just emotional depression please take time to nurish your mind and body and streghten your self to deal with the emotional xXx
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Thanks for sharing that information :-)
I'm afraid I took the other road and started on Meds this week. I admire your ability to heal yourself.
I'm taking small steps at the moment..... I do have a Goji berry bush in my garden. Maybe I will start with that.

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Hi! Thanks for reply :o) I trying so hard to heal, I just can't understand why I should feel so bad when other people seem to sail through life so freely and fluid, my own thoughts is that I must have a imbalance either in my nutrition or chemicals of my body somehow and what with today's life styles being so far removed from how nature intended I felt I had to investigate, there is so many things that could be the core of depression, from my research so far Pmt, PMDD, serotonin deficiency, b12 deficiency, thyroid problems can all be a cause of deression. The thing is what if it is something as simple as needing extra zinc or magneseum, or uping your serotonin, it's gotta be worth experimenting. When I'm at my worst all the emotional baggage I have pops it's ugly head up and makes me feel worse till it starts consuming me, but when like now I'm feeling fine all that baggage goes back to the past where it should be! Which again makes me believe that my depression is chemical/ nutrition based. The thing though I have found with my depression is that it feels so personal and like such a lonely journey even when others are trying to support or help. I'm currently keeping a diary of my moods and emotions to see if it may be hormaonal in anyway aswell. If anything I can't recommend cocoa kibs enough :o) they have been a real turning point and are all to do with serotonin.
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It's great you have your own Goji berrie bush :o) do some research on that magickal plant!! There is loads imfo on it on YouTube! Can't believe ya have one in your garden, so lucky!!! :o) wow fresh goji berrie in a smoothy that's a treat I one day look forward to trying! X
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