Can I battle depression without meds?
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Can I battle depression without meds?

This is a discussion on Can I battle depression without meds? within the Alternative Treatment forums, part of the Treatment category; I was unable to commit suicide when my friend saved my life. Afterwards I was put in the hospital for ...

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Question Can I battle depression without meds?

I was unable to commit suicide when my friend saved my life. Afterwards I was put in the hospital for about two weeks. I got perscribed prozac and took it for a few years. For some reason I stopped taking it and I seem to be going in a downward spiral again. I am thinking really bad thoughts. I do not wish to take meds any longer. Can someone please talk to me and point me in the right direction on how I can battle this naturally? I was skimming some posts but don't seem to be finding much.
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I'm trying to battle it naturally myself. One thing I've used is exercise. There's just something about exercise that works for me. Going for walks, it really, really helps me. That's the best thing I do for myself anyway.
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Like TooMuch said, exercise is good! I find that eating better and healthier and have my journal to write things down, also adds to me feeling better. You need to find things that you enjoy also. Reading, arts, crafts, things like that may help as well. What do you enjoy doing?
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exercise and diet for me was the key, your self-esteem and positive thinking is right behind the first two.
exercise is great because
1-it gets you out doing something that will keep your mind off things, its very hard to feel down when you are exercising
2-you will become healthy and fit, meaning you will feel alot better for it
3-you will raise your self-esteem and confidence in the process, for me i feel great after a real workout, i actually have more energy after exercising, for those who exercise i know you will know what i mean
did you know that by eating fast foods, fryed foods, pizzas, sodas and sweets actually raise your chances of major health conditions later in life and that includes cancer
these foods contain toxins and chemicals that are stored in our body, having weight issues and you getting sick all the time will be a result of this, these toxins break down our barriers that help to fight off illness.
what does this mean: being in this state doesn't make us feel very good about our selves, plus the energy levels and motivation levels will be very low, the result could be depression.
how to reverse this: to reverse this what you need to do is start by changing your diet, a vegetarian diet or raw based green foods would suit best but for some this can be very hard at first, a great way to get loads of nutrients into your body is through juicing, this is something i love, it tastes great makes you feel even better.
with this you could throw some fresh salads and fruit and vegetables in with that and you would be well on your way, as much filtered water as possible with a dash of fresh lemon juice if you like and over the coming weeks you will have noticed a big change in the way you feel
add exercise with this and without even knowing you have raised your levels of self-esteem and confidence and reduced your chances of getting very ill as well as raised the chance getting through depression in a natural way
i hope this will be a little help to you
please let me know if you have any questions
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Old 12-14-11, 09:41 AM   #5
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I find that listening to powerful music such as metallica or slipknot helpful, it works in a similar way to how screaming into a pillow apparantly helps but heavy metal isn't for everyone so if you dont like that type of music then don't listen to it because it won't help much.
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I wish I could but I can't. I can't battle it without the meds but if you can do it..go for it. It's far better than relying on a pill for the rest of your life.
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I would keep taking medication while you change your life style, everyone has a vice, stopping is too big of a risk and noone has to know what you take. Its almost like being diabetic, without insulin you get seriously ill or with typetwo you can live a normal life but you have to watch what you eat and cut out sugar. You need to purge your life of everything that makes you unhappy and fill it with sustanence you enjoy.

I cant bear to call it a condition but it is and you need to act on it. Excersice and diet aside, try meditating, or writing. We need to nourish our inner worlds and the outer.

What do u do just now for work and hobbies? Do u meet with friends?

Hope you find some useful advice and try some changes x x
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What works for me at times :-
self talk
keeping a journal
learning coping skills (coping with depression,stress etc)
practice distracting my mind in what i enjoy the most
taking out time to have recreation
doing something useful and meaningful
practicing relaxing techniques
meeting up with your old friends or making new once
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I stopped my meds last August. For the first few months, I didn't notice anything. But over the past five months or so, its been...not worse necessarily...but very different.

(BTW, I was still very depressed while taking them. I was on Serzone for years, but since that was pulled from the market, I've tried three different meds and none worked like Serzone.)

So to answer your question: I believe there is a way, but it won't be easy. I completely agree that exercise and diet are huge.

I'm also a big fan of literature. I'm speaking very broadly here. If books give you inspiration great. But maybe its movies, or music. For me its non-fiction.

But here's something I found that always works for me: being out in the wilderness. I'm not speaking of camping here. I'm speaking of something more extreme, like backpacking far away. You should be minimum of 20 miles from the nearest toilet.

A word of caution though: don't just go buy boots, pack, freeze-dried food and go out there. You need to know what you're doing. Being 20 miles from the nearest toilet means you a probably double that from anyone that can help you if SHTF and you get injured or sick. I once helped rescue a woman that did that. Take pity on those that may rescue you; they risk *their* lives doing it.

So if wilderness experiences strike your fancy, go out and get some good training and start slow. If you want more advice on this, just let me know.
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Okay dont hate me for this but the question to your answer depends on how you got into this depression thing..It maybe a brain chemical imbalance (like in my case) or just because various circumstances you had to face.So its better to meet a consultant first,Consultants are nice and they listen to you and will suggest you things to do,so this is just my opinion.

if its based on circumstances you had to face, i think the most suitable thing will be to investigate about yourself..i know its hard but just find a way to do..Think about yourself without being judgmental. think deep about how you got this. if you were ever mentally or physically bullied in your childhood there is a great chance of depression and anxiety arising Now have their roots in your childhood And its difficult to identify .. its like these depression and anxiety are totally masked about their cause'll have to ask yourself questions and questions and stop escaping yourself..Its hard but you'll have to.Im not a doctor nor am i a medical professional but i found a cause to my anxiety (yup i have anxiety as well :D ) from my childhood.

and if in case of chemical imbalance you'll definitely have to take pills. im saying that because (this is from what i have heard) those pills are meant to speed up the process of chemicals in your brain changing to their normal state ..since the natural transformation is slow [go to a consultant he'll explain nicely :D ]

and i think its important to define these words like anxiety and depression by yourself.Actually those words are a sum of a lot of sentences and your definition of depression may differ to the clinical definition..ask yourself what does this depression mean to me? dont go for a dictionary..And when defining depression dont use heavy words ..Use very light words as if you were to explain it to a small child..Get to know about your own depression..Dont pay attention to others people..Pay attention to yourself..

i sincerely hope this will help you in some way and i pray it will
take care :)
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