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Buddhism and Depression

This is a discussion on Buddhism and Depression within the Alternative Treatment forums, part of the Treatment category; Hey hey, I went to a really interesting lecture/ talk last night about Buddhist approaches to depression. The lama who ...

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Default Buddhism and Depression

Hey hey,

I went to a really interesting lecture/ talk last night about Buddhist approaches to depression. The lama who spoke was actually quite inspiring :=] Plus he had the world's best laugh.

I didn't know a whole bunch about Buddhism really, before, but it seems that it's got a lot to offer in terms of how we manage depression. Things like mindfullness, compassion and the internal dialectic stuff really 'gelled' with me and they're actually approaches I seem to (try to!) do instinctively.

The Buddhist approach seems to be that all suffering is a result of 'worldliness.' I'm not sure where I'm at with that, honestly, my depression seems to come from nowhere quite often. Still, I guess no approach is comprehensive, really.

Anyhoo, just thought I'd have a short rant about it. It could be useful for others perhaps. Maybe worth a google :=]
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I read quite a few books about Buddhism. The ideals are the most appealing thing for me, although it takes time to fully appreciate and put into place the teachings to some degree. You really need to put a lot of thought and control into place in order to get the most out of it.

Not to say that just reading about it cant give you another perspective, its always helped me in that way anyway.

The idea of karma and reincarnation also appeal to me greatly. Past and future lives. etc etc.

Sorry to join the rant! Buddhism is awesome! that is all.
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I've found Buddhism has really helped me with my depression & anxiety, meditation, mindfulness & the philosophy really appeals to me.
There is a great online magazine site I joined called Tricycle which is inexpensive but has some great movies, articles, courses etc.
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Yes, my last therapist and one other health worker recommended "mindfulness" practice to me. They said that including mindfulness techniques can be quite effective used with treatment. Useful on their own too, of course.

I've read this book several times -
"When things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times" by Pema Chodron
about improving one's life, conquering fears + troublesome thoughts... wonderfully written.

She's a buddhist nun/teacher who lives in Canada. But the book isn't purely for buddhists - it's for everyone - doesn't really rely on religion.

The book teaches methods of meditation + mindfulness- understanding/compassion - both within oneself, and within the world.

It helped me - tho I haven't practiced, and so will start to read it again..

Maybe you can find it at a library or something.
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yup from a speech i heard from somewhere i got to know that ms pema chondron was severly depressed and that Buddhism was her last resort .. it was inspiring . Oh im ranting as well ..Btw you might like Jack Kornfield..his teachings are amazing.you'll love him..As far as i know jack was trained as a monk in thailand and now teaches in USA.. here's a youtube link

Jack Kornfield: The Ancient Heart of Forgiveness - YouTube

btw im not associated with him or anything like that,but just suggesting in case you havent heard of him .. :)

take care
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