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This is a discussion on acupuncture within the Alternative Treatment forums, part of the Treatment category; 2 Years ago i went to a chinaess herbal shop in england too see what i could get for depression ...

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Default acupuncture

2 Years ago i went to a chinaess herbal shop in england too see what i could get for depression and i ended up seeing the chinaess doctor in the shop and he roccomended acupuncture.

He said i would need to have it so many times a month and that it would help.

I thought it was worth a shot i paid £30 and came back after lunch.

I then was taken to a room where they put pins in my scalp he also told me to meditate so i did and i was left in the room for a good 30mins laying down with the pins in me.

At first the pins felt funny but as i meditated i didnt notice the pins as much.

the doctor came back 30 mins later removed the pins and then started gently pusing on my back and sholders this went on for about 15mins.

Then it was time to leave.

I cant tell you how good i felt it was a feeling that i have never experianced before but it was a good one.

I felt at peace as if i was at one with the earth. I felt light as a feather and all i could feel was peace.

I couldnt afford to continue acupuncture and i didnt like the pins etc but i loved the feeling afterwards.
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i couldnt do that... NO WAY! no one is shoving pins in my body....


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i think i would like this i like pain
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well, i've heard it relieves arthirits it could help
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I believe acupuncture only works if you have faith in it working. Kinda like mind over matter. I've tried it some time ago because I have chronic pain in my knee after 14 surgeries but it didn't help me, personally. Then again I've tried nearly everything :P
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i love acupuncture, i've had it done several times by a very good healer. totally cleared up stagnant energy.
i'm glad it worked for you! :)
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i've always wanted to try this but just never got round to it. I would do it to release the energy blocks in my body, i think its what they call the flow of chi or something. thanks for writing in on this post dreamer, will defo give it a go now for sure once i'm working again
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Default Re: acupuncture

I've been reading a book that was written by a traditional chinese medicine therapist and they discuss the benefits of acupuncture with depression, anxiety etc.

Now coming across this thread tells me I'm going to have try it out.

Thanks for posting, glad to hear you had a positive experience with it.
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Default Re: acupuncture

I'm kind of surprised that you received an actual treatment on your first visit. From what I've heard, some acupuncturists use initial sessions to learn more about their clients, and don't use any needles or alternative treatments until a later date.

I'd like to try acupuncture sometime, but I can't afford to do so at the moment. I also wonder how any acupuncturists would react to my tattoos. I've heard that see tattoos and piercings as being a nuisance considering that it screws up the flows of energy in your body.
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Here, there is one very famous acupunctural office where 2 chinesse doctors do accupuncture. My mother had severe discus hernia and those sessions saved her from having op.
I know thet treat depression too and I believe with success, I mean, it is 5000 years old medicine, thats amazing knowing all those spots related to each organ and releasing the energy...

Anyway, I would go but it is too expensive for me, it costs 10 euros per session, you go weekly 5 times....too much, too much for me...
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