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Two-Faced Mother

This is a discussion on Two-Faced Mother within the Abuse forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; Tonight, I was in my bedroom, and heard my mother's voice from the dining room yell, "PIZZA!" So, I went ...

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Angry Two-Faced Mother

Tonight, I was in my bedroom, and heard my mother's voice from the dining room yell, "PIZZA!" So, I went out there to get some, as I was feeling pretty hungry. As I'm walking out, my mother is saying to our roommate (thinking I wasn't near enough to overhear) "Hurry up and make your plate, because you know he'll eat whatever is in here." I can't promise that that is an exact quote because I was too enraged when I heard it to remember it exactly. But what she meant was, for everyone to hurry and get what they want before I come out, otherwise I'll eat it all and they wont get any. My mother is nice to my face and disgustingly disrespectful to my back. I don't know why I even trust her anymore. She's the fakest person alive, and acts like she's real.

Anyway, I turned the corner the second she finished that sentence, and she instantly changed her demeanor and said, "Want some pizza?" I was enraged beyond comprehension, but wasn't showing it. I simply said, "No." If she thinks I am a glutton, or a garbage disposal, I am going to turn down her food, because it disgusts me that she sees me that way. I have fasted before, I've made it a whole 7 days before on just water. I can do it again. I'm to the point where I don't even care anymore if it's healthy to fast or not. Thinking of her, and thinking of food makes me so sick to my stomach that I don't feel like eating anymore anyway. I'll lose weight, and if I die from starving myself, I don't really even care. I have nothing to live for.
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you have everything to live for. we are all different, yet the same. some of us love to eat.. lol.. im sure everyone here can attest that we LOVE US SOME FOOD. i was married for 7 years, and once she got pregnant i started eating and eating... i had a sympathetic pregnancy i guess.... went from 180-300lbs by the time my babies turned 1. Food just filled me up and made me happy. There is nothing wrong with that. We all choose something that helps to curb our depression. Has to do with the endorphins. some have sex, some smoke, some eat..... its what we crave.. its that good feeling.
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could it be u misinterpreted? people have said that abut me before and i dont anything barely, it was just a joke. why not confort your mother, ask her what she meant. ask her not to say things like that behind your back. just a suggestion
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