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Family Abuse

This is a discussion on Family Abuse within the Abuse forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; I feel stupid for writing this, because in a way i don't believe this is abuse, because i don't find ...

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Default Family Abuse

I feel stupid for writing this, because in a way i don't believe this is abuse, because i don't find it possible that my family could be capable of that.

Anyways, I've been depressed for 3 years, and have been to only one or 2 therapists, before i realised they don't help and are mostly overpaid creeps, who don't really care... but anways, this constant battle with cutting, suicide, failing school, has led me to be very unhappy and angry. My family (2 sisters, mom and dad) are very sick of my behaviour. The first fighting began when me and my older sister were fighting, my mom came in and got so mad that i woke her up that she slapped me straight across the face. I was upset, but i convinced myself she was sorry and that i deserved it. A few days later i got in another arguement with my mom, because she was docking the boat, and i had walked away to water the flowers like she wanted, but she thought i was leaving her. She marched right over grabbed my ear and threw me to the ground, I got up and she came at me again, but i grabbed her hands and she pushed me down again.

The next thing happened a few days later. My dad was getting upset because i wanted to hang out with my friends rather than spend the rest of the summer with them, (i've already spent a month and a half with them). He grabbed my face, scratching up my cheeks, and yelled in my face, saying i'd do whatever the hell he wanted. My mom just sat there and told me it was my fault and then got up to go for a drive. I told her not to leave, or if i could come, she left me. My dad screamed at me about my behaviour, saying how i don't need to see therapists (even though i was FORCED to see these people) that i need to get over myself (my depression) and stop being a d***head. He then proceeded to call me profanities.

So by now i was feeling pretty bad. The next and worst fight came when my much older 21 yr old sister and I were in the basement. I asked to borrow her pants, but she quickly changed the subject and said how she was sick of my behaviour. Things got a bit heated up (because i was quite sick of being treated this way and am not a "shy" girl and I will stand up for myself eventually). She threw me down, held me down, and punched me in the eye. I tried to push her off me (i didn't want to hurt her) and ended up hitting her in the stomach. She jumped on me again, and beat on me, leaving bruises and scratches. My Mom came in, yelled at me, saying I deserved it.
I don't know what to do...But I just can't stand this constant fighting.
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Wow... Well, let me first ask you how old you are, cause my advice will be different depending on your age...
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yes, this is abuse. i'm sorry they're doing this to you, and i hope you can seek some help!
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peanutlord, i'm 15
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are there any family members you know who could help you? like aunts/uncles/granparents? family you know wouldn't hurt you? you're right to seek help so don't stop, but i feel if your family are hurting you then you need help from others. you know you can call the samaritans any time you like, or childline, even if you feel you just need to talk to someone, you can call them. hope you're ok
ace x
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So sorry to hear your going through this, but as the other poster said your right about looking for help, and as the first poster said, have you got any other family you can confind in?

I can relate to the parents not understanding part. I have GAD and major depression since the start of the Summer, before this I was 'normal' what ever that means, so it was a shock to all when this happened to me. My mother and father didn't know how to go about it so they decided to think that I was making it all up to get attention!. I wouldn't even know how someone can fake depression and especially GAD but thats what they thought. So every day I was constantly getting told to ''get over it'' and that there's ''worst people of than you''.

I have no real advice for you only that to get help about the abuse your going through.
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That is a horrible situation! You need to find a safe place to go to! Maybe talk to a counselor at your school? This is very serious! When it gets that violent you ought to call the police! But I know you might be worried about what things will be like if you do, right? I'm sure they say things to make you too scared to bring in outside help, right? It's not worth it, to let them get their way and control you through violence, I put up with that kind of stuff for a very long time because I was scared, I thought my abusers would kill me if I got the police involved, but looking back I wish I had done something because now they're abusing others and hurting their own children :( I try not to blame myself, and him going to jail would not have "cured" him but at least in jail he couldn't hurt others :( You deserve to be treated with RESPECT from your family! You did absolutely nothing to deserve this! Don't ever believe that crap that your family tells you! Seriously, there is nothing you could have done to deserve this! Your behavior is a natural response to being ABUSED! One day you're going to get out of there, or get family counseling, and life will be better ...please talk to someone who can help!
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