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You Can Feel Better

This is a discussion on You Can Feel Better within the About Depression forums, part of the Resources category; Dear members, Anybody can get depression. They can be poor or rich, have a family or live alone - the ...

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Default You Can Feel Better

Dear members,

Anybody can get depression. They can be poor or rich, have a family or live alone - the pain a depressed person feels is the same.

Depression is an illness that deprives you of your energy. You might start yelling at yourself, you might feel angry, you might feel numb, and you might stop enjoying what you once enjoyed doing.

Please remember that this can change. Depression can be treated. There are a lot of different treatment options, and what doesn't work for someone else, can work for you. You can feel better. Getting more support will help.

It is hard for someone to accept help, and it is also difficult to know how or when to ask for help. A depressed person often thinks that they deserve to feel the way they do. They also often think that things will not change if they get treatment. This can prevent them from seeking further help.

Please check out our resources in the Suicide Prevention and About Depression forum, and please call a suicide hotline or contact medical professionals if you feel depressed or suicidal. We want you to get better, and we want all of you to be safe, on and off the forums.

When I read what members write here, I see that you are all strong people. You have so much to deal with, but you work through it. You keep fighting the illness. I understand that when many think about suicide, they may believe that things won't change, and that the world is better off without them. This is not true. This is your depression talking. You cannot know what will happen tomorrow.

Each one of you is unique, and has something, big or small to contribute. If you leave suddenly, your family, friends, community, neighbors, and even fellow TTL members and others suffer because of it.

All of us - our deaths would affect more people than we would ever think of. Depressed people think that they aren’t important. But one person’s suicide can have a big effect – and trigger the thoughts of neighbors and strangers in his or her community.

I would like to remind you of what “TTL” stands for. “Take This Life - And Improve It.”

You can do it. You can feel better - and you can help each other in their journey to get there. Please take care of each other and please keep fighting. You are worth it.

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Beautifully written, and a great reminder.
-What You Run From Only Stays With You Longer. When You Fight Something, You Only Make It Stronger-
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Thanks Ella - that's som3ething everyone should read.
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