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Tired of existing

This is a discussion on Tired of existing within the Suicide forums, part of the Suicide Forums category; Been with her for 11 years. When we got together she went to school, had a job, and had her ...

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Default Tired of existing

Been with her for 11 years. When we got together she went to school, had a job, and had her own place. Supported her kids with help from her mom. Less than 3 months in to relationship she gets a DUI, quits school and job and has done nothing since. I do 90 percent of cooking and cleaning and i work 80 plus hours a week. Other 10 percent is done by youngest daughter. oldest daughter and son are mega lazy and do nothing. The three of them hide behind "mental illness" and have myriad excuses for not even picking up after themselves. She has energy to shop and rescue dogs but not work or cook or clean. Any time i have tried to leave she uses master manipulation powers to make me feel like a total piece of garbage. I hide in bedroom any time i am home and clean and cook while she is gone. Mostly i feel like a robot whose only purpose is to make money and do housework, which i mostly refuse to do anymore so now the house is cluttered and filthy. I hate my life and feel trapped. My only options are misery, abandoning this "family" of which "depend" upon me and making me feel like a sack of crap, or putting it to an end. I can make it look like an accident and she will get enough money from my life insurance to buy some time to go back to college, start a career or maybe find another idiot to leech from. Either way it sound nice to not have this or any other problem any more.
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Fix a cctv cam, record everything that benefits you, find a very good lawyer, get a divorce.Be a little childish , thinking like an adult wont solve all the problems
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I can relate to this to some degree but your situation is so much more intense then mine.

What I have learnt though (if it's any help at all), is that you got to take care of YOU first no matter all the BS manipulation and the circumstances.

We have so many more options available to us at any given time than we can see. If you still want this relationship to work, YOU be your light; make clear what your purpose is to yourself and let that drive you.

Make clear that this situation is not okay with you and that you want want X or Y from life and this situation. If you want a discussion from the person it may be a good idea to avoid using language that focuses on what they make you feel or what they cause, but on the other hand if that doesn't matter; keep it clear and most of all to your self what it is YOU want.

You are not some furniture or slave, you have a will, purpose and power to share with the world that's much more then this: Go find it and let it empower you.

If that means you stay and fight for this relationship then great, only you can make that happend.

If it means passing through hell.. Well then keep going! You'll get through and in to new things in life.

No matter the case, you are in charge!
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For what it's worth, you're a stronger person than I have ever been for dealing with this for so long. TBH you sound like a freaking superhero to me.
Have you considered bringing them into the loop on this? After all that time, no-one can argue that you're in the family and that type of honesty may end up helping them as much as yourself. I'm just another lost soul but from the sound of it you are trying to be Atlas, putting the whole world on your shoulders and just waiting to see how long you can keep it up. When put into new and uncomfortable situations, people will often surprise you.
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