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The tipping point

This is a discussion on The tipping point within the Suicide forums, part of the Suicide Forums category; An endless battle I dont trust anyone, I dont trust you, i dont trust the doctor, I dont trust your ...

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Default The tipping point

An endless battle

I dont trust anyone, I dont trust you, i dont trust the doctor, I dont trust your comment you bound to write with the same generic bullshit. Im confused and tired of everything going on around me. Im tired of trying to win the most simplist of battles. I jump at the idea that everyone around me is fake so i become fake. I convince people that I hate facebook but im so anxious I can not even get it. I dont even know how ive managed to type this shit. I cant open up with anyone I just fucking cant.

Lets phone suicide hotline, naaat what would they think of me??? I dont think it even exists in my country. Time is slowly marching on while i just sit here, motivation doesnt seem to find me. I hate the fact im being a pussy. Im too scared to speak to girls, they will think im mad. Ive reached 28 and convinced myself tomorrow im sure it will change. I dont even know why im posting this shit.

So yes maybe I am depressed, hmm sure youve heard that one before. I wish i could be the emo one and not the clinically fucked one :(
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I feel u bro. But guess what? I am a girl and it will be a pleasure to meet and speak to someone that understands how it feels like to live in a fake world filled with fake people. Anxiety hits me hard 2 and Facebook is just some bullshit created to pretend one's life is amazing when in reality the only amazing things in it are the uploaded photos that made up 3 secs of happiness out of the 24 hours in the day. And yes, they say it aids to fight anxiety (Facebook) as it kinda keeps u connected with ppl, but it's not true. Truth is, nothing is real anymore but pls you stay real and patient because I may not be able to get out of this but I know you will. XX
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I'm 28 too and can relate to a lot of what you're saying here. Facebook and other social media is all just a big cover to hide people's "real" lives. It makes friendships and relationships much harder, and seemingly impossible if you look into it. With everyone seeking satisfaction elsewhere,and everyone flaunting "side pieces" and other nonsense, it really makes you wonder.
It's hard to trust people. Truth is, everyone will hurt you.
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Default Agreed

It's true about FB. A lot of people hiding or avoiding actually meeting others. It's just reinforcing being isolated. I feel even more alone when I (rarely) chat in messenger.
Real drag.
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Agree, social media isn't all that. Lots of people are not in earnest either. Some are, many aren't. So go make your own life, go walk in a place without people if you can. Go howl at the moon. Find something you enjoy exerting yourself at and wear yourself out doing it. Sitting in front of computer a lot probably causes more problems then it solves unless you have to do it for work. Sometimes meds help... sometimes not , but that's for each person to decide. Sometimes you have to shake off the outlandish standards and unrealistic fakeness of modern life. Go be you, forget about all the fakes. Buy an ice cream and draw funny faces on a piece of paper. Draw silly representations of your boss/teacher/coworker/parents/friends, etc. Sometimes it helps to let out some emotion like that.
We have to become creative problem solvers, not just tolerant burden barers.
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