Reasons to live, other than people
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Reasons to live, other than people

This is a discussion on Reasons to live, other than people within the Suicide forums, part of the Suicide Forums category; Hi everyone! I've suffered from depression for as long as I can seem to remember. I think it's mostly because ...

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Unhappy Reasons to live, other than people

Hi everyone! I've suffered from depression for as long as I can seem to remember. I think it's mostly because I've always felt so lonely. I've never been able to keep friends and am always fascinated and stupefied at how other people seem to so easily have large groups of friends, and even romantic partners!! I'm currently in graduate/professional school and am always surrounded by happy, outgoing people that are a part of a great community that I just don't feel very welcome in. When I am with people, I seem to either not speak enough (and come across as bored and disinterested or just boring, and am not invited back) or I get too comfortable and speak too much (and come across as annoying and maybe like the socially awkward kid who never had many friends in high school and is way too excited, which is accurate, and am not invited back). I've always wished I could die easily, like before waking up, but I think I'm too scared to actually kill myself.

I'm trying to think of more reasons to want to continue living that don't have to do with friends or significant others, because I honestly don't see much of that in my future because honestly, I wouldn't want to be friends with me either! Yes I have family that loves me but it's just not the same. And yes I have pets but they kind of suck. I can barely take care of myself and it's a lot of work to take care of them too and it's draining since they are not affectionate pets (birds and a snake). I used to be excited about my career (veterinarian) but now it seems daunting and like too much work that I'm not cut out for. What are some other things that are worth living for?
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The only person you need to find living for is yourself. That's something I've just started to begin to realized I need to stop looking outwards and look inwards instead. For a long time I though that I never hurt myself because I didn't want to cause pain for my parents or brother but I think deep down it was me that I never wanted to really hurt.
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Your family would miss you if you weren't around and we on this forum would miss seeing you post

I remember reading something somewhere (can't remember where) that said something about if someone dies prematurely, there's always a gap left in the world and people wondering why they have a gap in their lives
Please don't forget you are all precious to this world
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Wow, I'm in the same situation. Wish I had an answer.
Do you have social anxiety too?
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The first paragraph speaks to me on so many levels. I feel really out of place when i am around anyone. Everyone in this world seems "normal" compared to me. I always put on a smile for no apparent reason, even though i suffer from severe mental illness, but try my best to hide it. Most of the time i fail and actually let it out in public, so some people around here most likely know I'm very unstable.

I wish i could change, but i am too moronic and weak. I too have a family that love me, and i can't take care of myself without relying on them. I have always depended on others to help me. I really wish i could answer your question, but i am slowly losing interest in everything, so i don't have many reasons to live.
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