i cannot take it anymore
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i cannot take it anymore

This is a discussion on i cannot take it anymore within the Suicide forums, part of the Suicide Forums category; i only want one wish in life. i only want one. nothing more, i just want one wish. to fall ...

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Default i cannot take it anymore

i only want one wish in life. i only want one. nothing more, i just want one wish. to fall asleep tonight and never wake up in this world again. this immense feeling won't leave me, i cant move, i dont have the strength to do anything, all i want is to leave.

what is wrong with me. what is wrong with me. i am not normal, no one is supposed to be like how i am. no one wants someone like me. why am i only allowed a month of happiness, then forced to spend the rest of the year trying to fight back against this black hole. i can't take it. please please please please i just want one wish. thousands of people who dont want to die die each day, why cant i be one who wants to? why is it the innocent who die and the unnatural people who dont. it doesnt make sense. it just doesnt make sense any more. i dont understand life. i cant take this overwhelming feeling any longer. can you die from immense sadness?
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Sweet, you are not alone in how you feel, there are many of us. Please do not harm yourself, you are a person, and you are worth way more then that. Do you have anyone you can talk to, who can help you sort trough everything you are feeling, and going trough?

from someone who cares about you.

Don't drink to drown your sorrows. Sorrows knows how to swim.


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sweet lemons, unfortunately you cannot die from immense sadness. if you could you and i and others would not be here now. it would be so easy if you could though wouldnt it? people say 'it will get better' but when you feel that low even tomorrow is to far away to feel better.
i have felt suicidal now practically all of 2010 and have come very close on a couple of occasions. but something for some reason stopped me. i am not sure if i was afraid of doing it, or if it meant it wasnt my time to go or some other reason. i last felt like it just 2 days ago so believe me i do understand how you feel as do quite a few people on here.

unless someone has been as low as this they really wont understand. that black black place that envelopes you totally and makes nothing enjoyable at all. i think though that seeing other people are going through it does it a way make it easier as you dont feel alone and also you can feel empathy for them like you cant feel for yourself. at work the other day we got a restricted paper through regarding chemical suicide and there were pictures not of a person but of their car and the aftermath of what had happened. my heart just felt so sad that someone was that unhappy and desperate that they felt they had no alternative but to do that. why is it we can feel for others but not for ourself? so keep posting on here and read others posts and hopefully it will make you feel less alone if only for the time you are on here. best wishes
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a hug for you xxx
''For those uneasy with the world, solitude is the only guarantee of confidence''
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