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Saying goodbye

This is a discussion on Saying goodbye within the Sexual Abuse forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; Its been some time now since my sexual abuse started and ended. I just can't seem to get passed it... ...

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Default Saying goodbye

Its been some time now since my sexual abuse started and ended. I just can't seem to get passed it... I thought that coming out and being open about it would do me better. Instead being called a liar. Being treated differently as if it was my fault. I used to blame myself, now i don't. But i do still think i could have done something. I have people asking me did i enjoy it. Wtf? Im getting lost and in a bad way. Its been a while since I've felt this low. Repressing these feelings was how i dealt with it. Now people know, its changed everything
When your try you best but you don't succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired, but you cant sleep
Could it be worse?

Lights will guide you home
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People are stupid!!! Don't worry what others think. Sometimes people don't get it.

I think I've mentioned this on here before but I had a problem recovering from one of my previous abusive relationships. So I went to a psychologist and she said 'when will I forgive myself?'. This was my problem. I couldn't forgive myself for being in an abusive relationship. Do you think that might be something you might be going through too. Forgiving yourself??? For me I was to Naïve.

Have you ever seen a psychologist???? or a counsellor. I sometimes think it's good to talk it out like you say or to vent but sometimes when you tell family and friends...they get worried about you. I just think sometimes if you talk to a counsellor or psychologist might be good too and keeps things neutral. IDK. Just an idea. I hope this helps.

It's amazing because a lot of people blame me for being in an abusive relationship but to be honest I didn't really know it was abusive. But if I told you the story now and even now that I'm out of that relationship, I think to myself WTF? was I thinking, it's just so obvious to me now but wasn't then. I suppose love is blind.

I agree other people judge me now and blame me for that abusive relationship. Like it was my fault to the point where I'm called stupid. But who cares. I'm moving on. I try not to let others bother me. I've kept quiet about it more too. IDK.
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