Vistaril & Wellbutrin
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Vistaril & Wellbutrin

This is a discussion on Vistaril & Wellbutrin within the Prescription Medication forums, part of the Treatment category; Yay, up to three meds now vistaril & wellbutrin and trazodone... anyone wanna give me some info on these things? ...

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Default Vistaril & Wellbutrin

Yay, up to three meds now vistaril & wellbutrin and trazodone... anyone wanna give me some info on these things? the vistaril is kinda pretty... its green... :shock:
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green pills? :shock:

not the green pills!!!...

im the kinda girl who will burst out laughing in dead silence because of something that happened yesterday.
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I have been on all 3 though not at the same time I don't think. Personally I like the Wellbutrin, some people don't though. the Trazodone is an older antidepressant that they mostly use to help people sleep. It does have the chance of leaving you with a hangover feeling the next morning. THe Vistaril for me was just calming. Don't remember any real side effect problems though. Hope this helps a little.
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Oh God, Wellbutrin. I took that when I was younger because apparently I had anger issues (NO idea why they'd think that... ^.~), but I hated it. So I just stopped taking it.
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Default first time post...

I did bupropion(wellbutrin) for about a year off and on....

it's a love hate relationship...

and the pills..especially if you get the big ones(300mg..)..freakin smell!

that alone made me grossed out every morning taking it...

i will say that it can be a help and did help me focus during school and not get so depressed. a weight lifter it did not allow my muscles to recover and gains in the gym were minimal. So the smell this and that it kept me awake all night (especially with the 300mg) i decided to quit...

hydroxyzine is supposed to make you's more safe then barbituates but i'm sure has some of the same type of downfalls

and like someone else said..the trazodone will get you to sleep

gl with the 3...keep us posted on how well/not well the combo works
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I just started Wellbutrin 5 days ago. Before prescribing it my doctor asked me if I was having any issues with anxiety
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