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Robin Williams R.I.P.

This is a discussion on Robin Williams R.I.P. within the Lost to Suicide forums, part of the Suicide Forums category; I had read a couple years ago that he was struggling with alcoholism, so in some respects the news isn't ...

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I had read a couple years ago that he was struggling with alcoholism, so in some respects the news isn't so surprising... but I was still stunned when I heard. It is a poignant reminder that depression can affect anyone; even famous celebrities aren't immune. I agree with Nancy above that society's attitude toward mental illness needs to change; maybe this event will at least serve as a catalyst.
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He was in my top 4 comedians of all time list, I was so sad to hear that he went out this way. R.I.P.
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You know, i wish i could say that i am suprised that he killed himself, but i am not. Sad true of life is that tears that hurt the most are tears of a clown. Working in entertainment section, trying to make everyone happy is enormous pressure for person, its like giving away your life energy so to say.

I am really sorry he died, i will never forget the movie "Patch Adams", one of main reasons i got in medicine field.

RIP, you were and will stay a legend.
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Fully agree. Great comedian. I hope some of the ideas he put forward in his movies like in Patch Adams really sink in and people treat others like people instead of what they do to each other on a regular basis.

May he find the peace he couldn't in this life.
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Been a year ago today. Feels like it was yesterday. Still saddened about the man`s death.
Lord, please grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And the Wisdom to know the difference.
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