I Feel As If Everything I Do Is Wrong
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I Feel As If Everything I Do Is Wrong

This is a discussion on I Feel As If Everything I Do Is Wrong within the Depression forums, part of the Depression Forums category; Any time I do something I feel as if I'm messing up. I always tell myself in my mind <You're ...

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Default I Feel As If Everything I Do Is Wrong

Any time I do something I feel as if I'm messing up. I always tell myself in my mind <You're a failure. A screw up. Nothing you do is right and one day everyone will hate you.>

Whenever my girlfriend gets upset with me I feel as if she'll leave me. She's my current reason for living and it really hurts me at the thought of her leaving me.

We just got off the phone and she told me that she loves me, but not 100 % like I love her. She thinks there's someone else out there for me when I think differently. I love her. I'd slaughter anyone if she gave the word. I'd give up almost anything for her. But this talk tonight... It made me feel as if she's going to leave me.

I feel as if I've been stabbed in the heart and my thoughts are going to be bad tomorrow and for the next couple of days. I don't know if I can sleep tonight without having the urge to harm myself. Please someone help me.
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I know that feeling, believe me. You just try and try to do your best, but still everything just falls apart. What ever you do, you end up screwing it.

I think it is good that you have someone so important in your life, but you should remember that you ar as important. I know it is hard to believe it, but you are. Its harder to love other people and accept other peoples love, if you dont love yourself. Sounds corny, but its true.

I wish you will find the strenght and start to rely on yourself. I hope everything goes well with your girlfriend and everything else. Hugs!
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First of all, if you really feel like you're going to harm yourself, call 911 or whatever the emergency number is in your area. Don't think, just dial it, and say that you're "acutely suicidal" or something to that effect.

I know exactly how you feel. My girlfriend is the biggest reason that I stay alive, and, every time we have an argument or I perceive that she has failed me in some way or does not love me, I feel horrible, often suicidal. She's my only real human connection.

Just think of the other people in your life who love you. It may be very difficult -- it was for me -- but I am certain that you will be able to think of someone who truly loves you unconditionally. A family member, a good friend, or really anyone who would be hurt by you hurting yourself.

Do remember that she is only another person, with human flaws. She may not see the scope of your distress. Try to tell her your problems and concerns; it will strengthen the relationship. If it destroys it, then it was not a good relationship in the first place.

Also remember that you are a human, and nothing can break the human spirit, not loneliness, not fear, not agony. You will always be a person, a unique individual.

Humans fail. You are not a failure just because you think that you make mistakes. The only way to become a failure is to think that you are one. You may not even be making mistakes -- she may be, and you're perceiving them as your own faults because you love her.
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