Social services are useless!
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Social services are useless!

This is a discussion on Social services are useless! within the Anxiety forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; Does anybody think 'support workers' are good at their jobs? No. So I call them lackeys. After this fiasco that ...

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Thumbs down Social services are useless!

Does anybody think 'support workers' are good at their jobs? No. So I call them lackeys.

After this fiasco that happened before, I quit my prior support company and ended up losing my house too, since they were in charge of the accommodation that I was in a few years ago. Now since the ordeal involved getting into trouble over women, and I'm under court supervision these days, the social services won't give me female support workers at other agencies. They also keep saying that they are limited too because there are more women than men that work in this profession.

They are also trying to dictate what the support is to be used for. They were only able to find me 6 hours before with 2 guys at another company, and the supervisor I have tried to use the guys as stool pigeons (spies) and I was having none of it. He knew they were helping me because the social worker knows about my legal requirements and has to tell the supervisor about any changes.

I had aspired to be an actor, or even just an extra. There are casting calls for short student films all the time, yet the social worker who has to get the funding arranged for the support, moans that helpers going with me to acting stuff is not real support. So how the heck is it not?
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DP: I have never been diagnosed with autism. It is PDD-NOS that they said I have. However, I had received support for several years, until there was all this major commotion over two women, and they accused me of harassing them, but I feel they overreacted. Anyway, I ended up remanded in jail, so now social services are treating me like I'm not safe around females, which is crap. Although I do have a habit of being infatuated with certain women. I'd even spent years obsessing over a girl I met years ago, and then she was finally reunited with me, and just used me for money.

Anyway, I had more support hours back then. Plus, I could work with women too, and I lived in their supported housing. Now it's all gone. I'm not sure if I'll ever gain the same level of help again with the ways things are currently. Now that I actually want to do something with my life, they ain't around any longer. It seems a bit ironic.

Being around other people makes me feel anxious. Therefore, I thought if the support workers could have support shifts to go with me to acting venues, I would feel less nervous. But as I said, they act awkward about things and insist they aren't paid to do this with me.

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Well this depend on diferent situation ,are people who are qualified in their job and otherwho are not so profesional .So maybe searching for a new company should fix your problem
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I turned to social services for help, to get therapy and help with housing and care support. They took all the details, and when the print out came back it was nothing like what I had said. Idiots. The womans' spelling and grammar were like that of a twelve year old, and she was pretty useless. They pointed me in the direction of a few things then closed the case. I had to ring them many times to sort things out, and found them to be thick as well as useless. :( soooo sorry I ever reached out.
Now Im down as having had a social worker, and it was not even worth it. Waste of time. Why do they choose simpletons to do such an important job? Sigh.... lol
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What is a "social worker?" (I'm from the south, so I've honestly never heard of them...)
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