my life with bullying
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my life with bullying

This is a discussion on my life with bullying within the Abuse forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; hi all i been bullied all my life just because im disabled they call me all sorts plus a girl ...

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Default my life with bullying

hi all i been bullied all my life just because im disabled they call me all sorts plus a girl smashed my head open and spat in my face and said i should of died at birth.

the hardest thing is to forgive that person for doing that to me but yh i have forgiven her for it but wont ever forget what happend to me.

It dosnt matter what you look like for anything people shouldnt judge you for who you are its about the personality thats the most important. Loving your self is also important if you dont love your self then you will feel worse just got to rise above the nagitive comments what people say about you.

To me you are very special to me and to your family and friends my darkest moment couple of months ago i said to my mum i rather die right now because how people treat me but i am still here and fighting my disability plus people negative commments and looks.

You are not alone some people have been through abuse you dont have to feel your on your own.

love you all
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Thank you for sharing those nice words. I am so sorry you have had people treat you in that way. Shocking to say the least It isn't always easy to get over things like that. To keep reminding oneself that we are important and special no matter what we go through or what negative people say or do to us. There will always be people like that in the world. We're lucky that there are also kind people around too who help us see that their unkindness isn't really about us, but about how they really feel about themselves.

Big big big hugs to you
Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice
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"I will try again tomorrow."
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when I was a kid, I had protruding teeth...really bad! All the older boys called me beaver. They were really mean about it. I also had allergies and sometimes my eyes would swell shut, and sometimes I had serious rages. Anyways, I went to private school, everyone thinks private school is the place to be cause the kids are supposedly above bullying. not true. The nuns though, were awesome. Those boys got kept after school any time the nuns caught them tormenting me. The principal let me hang out in her office and play with her pet hamster if I got caught trying to fight those boys. I might have been a small girl, but I fought like there was no tomorrow. And The nuns would sometimes even look the other way and let me go "hulk". anyways, those nuns were always saying, from my first day there " never judge a book by its cover". (I like to judge people by their actions, but even that's bad cause we don't know what's motivating them). and I loved them for that. In their way, they protected me and let me stand up for myself. Today, much different. if people fight back they get in trouble...sometimes suspended. All the free speech stuff has gotten a tad ridiculous. and the " ignore them and they will stop" that did not work for my own kids. The bullies like to focus on anything that isn't mainstream. it's almost like they want everything the same so they won't be the odd one out. Or they want everything and everyone to be "perfect".
I stopped being bullied after I got my braces off. Then there was nothing different about me for those kids to focus on. It's a shame anyone gets bullied just because they aren't another person or groups idea of " normal". Maybe it's fear. Maybe it's a violent for of obssession with perfection. I don't know. I just wish it would stop.
i need to calm down...
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ignoring it wont make it any better and it could be worse im still am being bullied becuase of my disability and stuff but i always forgive them and say to them you are a weak person for bullying someone and thinking your hard infront of your friends.

im here if you need to talk to me you are not alone im here for you and to chat with and im here to listen to

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