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Worst Advice You've Been Given

This is a discussion on Worst Advice You've Been Given within the About Depression forums, part of the Resources category; My first therapist when I was 13 after I got out of the hospital told me if I masturbated more ...

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Old 05-20-15, 08:54 AM   #21
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My first therapist when I was 13 after I got out of the hospital told me if I masturbated more it would cure my depression. She was sketchy.
-What You Run From Only Stays With You Longer. When You Fight Something, You Only Make It Stronger-
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Get over it
You look fine to me...

Or when they say..look outside the sun is shining etc..
I feel like saying...

Im not blind..I suffer from depression..
Κύριε Ιησού Χριστέ Ελεησόν Με

I am always thinking of you.
When I see my angels and when I smell the heaven
I long to be near, my mind goes to you
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Time heals all wounds.
Whoever said this never
lost anyone to tragedy.
Some wounds never heal
no matter how hard we try.
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Old 05-23-15, 01:25 PM   #24
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Basically giving me any advice at all is the worst. I keep telling people it doesn't help me because I've done all those things before and it's the worst thing to keep telling me I should do this and that and I will all of a sudden feel better.
"Time does not bring relief; you all have lied
Who told me time would ease me of my pain!"
-Edna St. Vincent Millay

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Old 05-27-15, 02:19 PM   #25
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Cheer up.
You can choose to feel better.

Those are the worst things anyone could say to me. If I really could choose to "cheer up", I would. No one wants to be like this.
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Old 05-28-15, 03:27 AM   #26
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I can't think of another bad advice. I think most of them were described here and I also don't tell everybody about my depression...

One thing I wanted to share here.

In my home country word "depression" is pretty new.

My mom didn't have it in her generation, or at least it was not identified as some illness, it was more like a character flaw. So when I mentioned it to her, in the beginning she dismissed it, like I was just making up some fancy word to excuse my failures.

Then later, when she saw on TV a documentary that depression will kill more people in a very near future than other physical illnesses, she became concerned and now she has really changed her attitude to that. She just keeps telling me that I need to fight it. And I think it's a good advice.

If I am still alive, then I have to fight it. I get breaks sometimes. But sometimes I go few months in deep depression, causes by major events.

From last year I've been working hard to get out of that depression hole. I felt I was doing better, until I made a very bad decision - to move in with a "friend". That move dropped me right back into my depression hole and perhaps even deeper than it was before.

We have to be careful, who we let into our lives. Some people are just so evil, they wish no well to others, they want to see me fail, to see me suffer, to see me die....
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Old 05-28-15, 05:00 AM   #27
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Nature doesn't care how you feel so live with it.

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my doc told me he was sorry the new med was making me more suicidal but i needed to give it more time to work, i ended up in the hospital and he was kicked to the curb
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Things like:

'Cheer up'

'You should smile more'

' why are you so sad?'

'You can get over it'

' I've been depressed for a day, you can get over it'

' just act normal'

'Stop acting like that'

'Stop acting like a crazy person'

' medications will make you feel better'

' you won't be depressed all your life'

' if you don't sort your life out soon you might turn into a hermit and die alone'

' people don't like depressed and anxious people'

'Be more confident in yourself'

' just remember how you felt before you was depressed'

I could probably go on for days.
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Originally Posted by Mitza View Post
I think some of the worst things to be told is to just do this.. or other people have it worse than you do.. I just found this, and I think it's interesting..
I like this video. I think the insight is good.

For me, being told that I'm not as unlucky as some other people somewhere else in the world never worked. No matter how much worse someone else has it, being compared with their life and trouble never made mine feel better.
We have to become creative problem solvers, not just tolerant burden barers.
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